5 Signs You Love Your Job

5 Signs You Love Your Job

Just about everyone has at some point in their life been in a position or company they didn’t like. What gave it away? Maybe it was the Sunday night blues, or the fact that you leave the office at 5.00pm on the dot. You know you’re not in the right place for your career.

Every now and then however, you might run into someone who genuinely seems to love what they do. They’re passionate, engaged and excited to go to work every day! Here’s a couple of clues you might be one of those people that love their jobs, as well as a couple of tips for if you’re at the other end of the spectrum.

You Enjoy Spending Time at Work
You genuinely enjoy spending time with your colleagues and wider team, and you get excited about projects you’re working on.

The Day Flies By
Surprised it’s almost home time? You might find yourself so engaged with your tasks as you get stuck in that you don’t realise how fast time goes.

Your Manager Trusts You
Not only does this boost your confidence in your ability to do your job, having a manager who trusts your ability won’t be standing over your desk micro managing. This means you’re likely feeling relaxed, switched and confident all at the same time – a perfect combination for productivity!

‘Going the Extra Mile’ is a No Brainer for You
Putting aside the fact that you want to impress your manager and get ahead at work, going the extra mile means using your initiative to solve problems or complete tasks to high standard when there is no guarantee of recognition. You’re genuinely wanting to do a good job because you take pride in your work and respect your team.

You Feel Appreciated
Whether it’s your colleagues giving you a pat on the back, or receiving a mention in an office communication, you understand that your role is a piece of the bigger puzzle. Others see the value in what you’re doing and make sure to acknowledge your achievements accordingly.

If you’re not 100% happy in your role right now, here’s our top tips for getting there:

1. Focus on all the things you do like, then schedule your day around them.

2. Develop yourself – whether it’s training offered by your company or if you need to look elsewhere, a great way to stay motivated is to learn something new relevant to your field.

3. Remember what your end goal is – are you saving for something big? Perhaps working towards a promotion? Keeping the bigger picture in mind can help you handle the minutia.

4. Re-organise your office space – a clutter free space will help you stay relaxed, whilst adding some personal touches helps you stay true to the things that are important to you outside of the office.

5. Volunteer for a project that you can relate to. This will help you get motivated for something you care about and at the same time earn you some bonus points with those higher up the ladder.

Judith Boeren.


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