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So what options do you have to promote your website? Here are some online solutions you could consider:

1. Search engine marketing – PPC (pay-per-click ads) or commonly known as “Google Adwords”

2. Display and remarketing – GDN (Google display network) – Banner advertising designed to drive brand awareness and sales with a visual aspect.

3. Social Media – (social media content, advertising) – A great way to build trust and share your voice with your audience. Also used to drive local sales with unique content.

4. Email Marketing – (newsletters, updates, sales promotions) – Sent to the right audience who have agreed to receiving emails, Email marketing can be a highly successful and cost effective way of getting your business back in front of your audience.

5. + Many more…

Each option has it’s own unique strength. In an ideal world, your business would be doing a mixture of all activities, driving business growth. But you’ve probably come here to get advice on the different Auckland website marketing options or New Zealand options you have for your local business right?

We’ve decided to break down the best website marketing medium for your business based on industry and our personal recommendations and experience:

Automotive – Search Marketing (Google Adwords, SEO)

B2B – Content marketing via social media channels and email marketing

Home Services -Search Marketing (Google Adwords, SEO)

Professional Services -Search Marketing (Google Adwords, SEO)

Health -Search Marketing (Google Adwords, SEO)

Utilities -Search Marketing (Google Adwords, SEO)

Education – Content marketing via social media channels and email marketing

Retail – Search Marketing (Google Adwords, SEO) split with Content marketing via social media channels and email marketing

Travel – Search Marketing (Google Adwords, SEO)

& More…

So you may be wondering, why have you suggested search marketing is the best online medium to use to attract and gain new customers? Well we TRULY believe Google search brings in highly relevant and qualified customers through to your business at a very good Cost per acquisition compared to other advertising means.

Being online based, this also means we can practically track all campaign results and analyse data to find more of what is working and what your ideal customer looks like. But don’t get us wrong, we are still a very big fan on the other website marketing activities and actively promote them on behalf of our clients.

This does however give search engine marketing a BIG upside and advantage over other advertising. But don’t get us wrong, combined with a rock solid social media strategy, email marketing and content strategy and backed up by traditional media for companies looking to grow brand awareness, search engine marketing can act like a glove capturing all of your leads and awareness you have generated through other means. If you are running traditional media without a search marketing campaign to back up, you could be throwing $1000’s of dollars down the toilet in new customer acquisition.

Here’s the top 10 industries for advertising spend with Google for 2015.


Finance & Insurance $4 billion
Retailers & General Merchandise $2.8 billion
Travel & Tourism $2.4 billion
Jobs & Education $2.2 billion
Home & Garden $2.1 billion
Computers & Consumer Electronics $2 billion
Vehicles $2 billion
Internet & Telecom $1.7 billion
Business & Industrial $1.6 billion
Occasions & Gifts $1.2 billion


If your company is also in one of the top 10 industries above, you may want to consider a search marketing campaign as part of your Auckland website marketing campaign to drive growth for your business.


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