Finally… Google has released a video on
how to hire a SEO company!

Google has released a video on how to hire an SEO company! We are very happy about this as it backs up what we have already been doing for years in SEO.

Have a watch of this absolute piece of gold, to avoid the typical horror stories we come across with hiring previous SEO companies to get the job done and how you can avoid the online cowboys.

Advice from Maile Ohye (Google – Develop Programs Technical Lead)

  1. Conduct a 2-way interview with your potential SEO. Check that they seem genuinely interested in you and your business.
  2. Check their references.
  3. Ask for (and you’ll probably have to pay for) a technical and search audit.
  4. Decide if you want to hire.

Some key takeaways from the video:

“Don’t buy backlinks.” – Links are earned and should be focused on quality over quantity.

Asking for more information about the issues that is effecting SEO and how the consultant plans to fix or improve these issues. You can then cross-check these methods online to ensure they are following search friendly best practices.

An SEO’s potential is only as high as the quality of your business or website. Sending traffic to a non-converting website isn’t going to do anyone good.

In most cases, SEOs need four months to a year to help your business implement improvements and see the potential benefit. Setting the right expectations is key to success for both parties.

If you’re not ready to commit to implementing SEO improvements, you’re not likely to see any results no matter whom you hire.

You can rest assured Firefly have you covered in all areas covered by Maile Ohye, All Firefly SEO customers have access to:

Our passionate team, that want to see nothing more than business success for you! Your success is our success and vice versa.

Customer testimonials and case studies of real local businesses who are happy to talk to you!

Flexible contracts that work for both parties. Not long enough to scare you off, but enough time to warrant strong growth results throughout the term.

White-hat only SEO techniques, following Google’s best practices.

SEO audits are included for FREE before you engage Firefly so you can be confident we know what we are talking about, and what we plan to implement throughout our journey.

Monthly reports. Reports showcasing keyword data and rankings in real time. No hiding behind false numbers or “technical jargon” – we’ll show you exactly what you want to see. Results!

To book a no-obligation discovery meeting with one of our SEO consultants to see how we can drive targeted traffic and generate results for you online, contact us today.

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