Firefly Has Turned 2!

Firefly Has Turned 2!

You heard correct everyone – Firefly has entered the terrible twos! But worry not, if the past two years are anything to go by, we’re likely to skip any teething problems or tantrums. If anything, our second birthday is a time for us to reflect on all the awesome growth our Albany SEO company has seen over the past two years, grounding ourselves to push even harder towards our future goals.

To give you a brief timeline of the past two years, we have to back to May 2014.

2014 MAY – Founded from humble beginnings.

Founded in 2014 by Anthony Baxter & Marko Kisa; Firefly was born out of dissatisfaction when Anthony received feedback from budding marketers and business owners running online marketing campaigns with other agencies. Many felt there wasn’t enough information, transparency, and measurability with the current marketing campaigns on offer.

2014 JULY – Firefly becomes an official Google Partner, endorsed and trusted with this certification of performance for marketing campaigns with Google.

2014 ONWARDS – Firefly get stuck in, helping businesses succeed in the online marketing space, improving performance and offering a unique set of tools and reports.

2015 APRIL – Our staff grows to 4, and our new HQ office is relocated to Grey Lynn.

2015 MAY – Firefly grow to offer advanced SEO services as part of the bigger solution helping businesses grow.

2015 JUNE – Anthony launches the whitelabel partner program allowing businesses to build new revenue streams and offer the Firefly solution, badged and whitelabeled to their existing clients. These partnerships were formed with
web marketing companies, IT companies, and other traditional marketing companies.

2015 SEPTEMBER – Firefly help 100 NZ & Australian grow their business online. Woo hoo!

2015 NOVEMBER – Firefly start to offer social media management and paid services to clients.

2016 JAN – We’re fast expanding with a new head office, Our Albany online marketing company and staff have grown to 8. We’re now equipped with expert social media staff, pay per click, SEO, business development and customer care specialists.

2016 APRIL – Our staff are now 10 strong, our services are growing and we’re continuing to produce world class online marketing campaigns.

But we’re not about dwelling on the past too much here at Firefly – we must always be moving forward! So what can you expect to see from us in the future?

Simply put, we’re expanding our social media services rapidly, and constantly looking for ways we can improve the services we provide clients. We have a great method to everything we do here, and a collaborative process between all of our team, but we’re still growing at an increased rate. We love what we do, and we love our clients, so we’re excited to look at new and exciting ways we can do what we’re doing now – but even better!

Well, that’s probably enough navel-gazing for one day, but before we sign off, we’d just like to say thank you! Thank you to all of our past and present clients, and to everyone who’s contributed to this journey – we look forward to continually providing quality online marketing solutions, and service with a smile!

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