Firefly Named Google Premier Partner

“Firefly” – Firefly Search Limited, has been named a Google Premier Partner.

The exclusive Premier Google Partner badge is reserved only for Google’s most valued agencies and is designed to recognize companies that are able to provide the highest quality services according to Google’s best practices.

Firefly is proud to be one of the very few selected companies in New Zealand, as it shows our dedicated commitment to strive for greatness and do the best possible work by our customers.

“This is great news for us and we are all very excited. This was part of our plan and we have achieved this status within the time frame we set out for, and it is great to be recognised for the quality work we are doing for our New Zealand and Australian clients. We look forward to helping more companies grow, leading the way in innovation in the New Zealand search market”. – Anthony Baxter, Co-founder and Managing Director of Firefly.

Google’s objective is to ensure a better AdWords experience for advertisers and will limit the number of Premier Partners designated.

If you would like to speak to Firefly about how we can accelerate your business growth online, give us a call today.

About Firefly

Founded in 2014, Firefly Search Limited is a full service digital marketing agency, located in New Zealand helping businesses achieve excellent results and accelerate business growth. Firefly combine cutting edge technology with a highly technical and passionate team, dedicated to ensure your business succeeds in this crowded market place

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