Firefly PPC Tips

Firefly PPC Tips

PPC Tips to help you succeed in a crowded marketplace:
We asked several adwords experts about what kind of strategies they use to generate awesome results for their clients using PPC including some of our own staff. Here are a few of their secret tips that they use every day:

PPC tips (1). Pay close attention to your search query report

It is imperative that you familiarize yourself with your search query report and know what keywords the users are using to find you on the web. This greatly helps in removing negative keywords and replacing them with more effective ones that will direct customers to your site instantly. The search query report in Adwords lists downs all the search words that has directed customers to your sites and has triggered impressions of your ad. Thus your query report is invaluable in assessing your keyword optimisation. There are basically two ways in which you can achieve this. First you should look for new negative keywords by carefully analysing your search query report and listing down all the irrelevant words regarding your ad and setting them as negative keywords. You will be surprised by the amount of money you will be saving from all those clicks that fail to convert. Secondly, by using your search query report you can look for better keyword opportunities through broad search match. This can greatly increase your results and reach if you add them as new keywords.

PPC tips (2). Relevance is the key

Keep one thing in your mind: “For successful Adwords campaigns, relevance is the most important key”. This statement is true on all levels. If you want to be the winner, be relevant. You have to make sure that you solve your customer’s query as relevantly as possible. One way you can do this is by being precise. Don’t go for long, tacky details. Be short and be on the point, always. A great assessor of relevance is the Quality Score. This metric helps in scoring high by improving the quality of your scores through relevance. With high quality scores you can pay less per click. However if your quality score is less, you can always go back and pinpoint the cause of it. Maybe you are not specifically targeting the needs of your customers through proper keywords and ads that are relevant.

PPC tips (3). Obtain ample data for analysis

One way of getting sufficient data is by bidding on all available opportunities therefore testing all keywords and then optimising from there. Choosing a budget that is going to achieve this is key here. Once you have all the data, you can optimise accordingly. Use your data to keep a record of all conversions, cost and value per conversion, optimise ads and focus on improving conversion rates and adjust bidding to 50% of the value of conversion.

PPC tips (4). Make notes of what works for your account

Making notes will greatly help you in keeping a record and noticing what action led to what outcome. Use Google analytics to keep a record of the causes of the dips and spikes in your traffic. Use comment section in Adwords Editor to keep a track of your actions which will help you organise and observe the effects of your actions immediately.

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