Google Shopping – New to New Zealand but not to Firefly.

Recently, Google rolled out Google shopping in New Zealand to advertisers. This piece of gold has been available to the majority of the rest of the world, including Australia, England, and America.

Firefly has been running Google Shopping campaigns in Australia for quite some time now and has seen amazing results. Having BETA access to New Zealand Google Shopping, we were lucky enough to be able to roll these new campaigns out early to some New Zealand-based retail businesses.

Setting up Google Shopping can be a complicated process for most, utilising both Google AdWords, Google Merchant Centre, and the website. We have implemented many Shopping campaigns and can easily roll these out for you. Here are some of the key benefits why you should consider a Google Shopping campaign:

Google shopping is a real asset to retail and e-commerce based businesses who are trying to drive online sales through their e-commerce website.

See product images now in Google search results and prices associated with them. Visual content accompanied with the high intent search is more likely to convert, especially when they have a visual product in mind to purchase.

Drive traffic directly to the product page, so consumers can make a quick decision and purchase. Most people are time conscious these days and want to go straight to the source of information. They don’t want to spend time going through your menu, navigating through endless products to find what they want. Google shopping allows them to get straight to the point and product.

Drive more sales and have 2 ads in one Google search result. Having both a Google Shopping ad and a PPC ad gives advertisers more visibility, builds more trust and builds more brand awareness. Paired with high-ranking organic results and you online retailers can literally dominate a search page now.

Google Shopping ads designed for all devices. Capitalising on “micro-moments” that happen in every day life, Google shopping allows advertisers the power of offering their product when consumers just have to make a purchase and have no time to shop around and do their research.

Measurability – Return on investment analysis. – Firefly can measure the return of your campaign, and report on revenue numbers including sales, cost per sale and drive results based on appropriate cost per acquisition numbers. Talk to Firefly about how we can drive online sales through this “not-so-new-to-us” platform and get started today.

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