How to create a brand

How to create a brand

How to create a brand

In the digital day and age, market saturation really is at an absolute all-time high. Although this is, in a way, the cornerstone of a thriving, challenging and rewarding business environment, is also means that it’s more vital than ever to make sure your brand really stands out from the rest.

Because the truth is that no matter what your product or service offers, there’s almost bound to be other brands out there offering the same (or at least a very similar) thing.

This is where brand positioning becomes absolutely paramount. Offering your customers a consistent, engaging and marketable brand means that they’ll be more likely to fall in love with your business and keep coming back for more. Whether you want to be seen as professional and integral, agile and intuitive, cheeky and fun, or cutting-edge and innovative; establishing what your brand is all about from the very beginning is key.

There are some super cost-effective ways to establish your brand, which you’ll then be able to leverage off to bring in more marketable and profitable opportunities later on down the track. Start simple, laying the groundwork, and then build the brand bricks layer by layer. Deciding on these key elements now will save you a world of work in the future, or even prevent you from having to undergo a dreaded re-brand because you didn’t quite nail it the first time!

  1. Develop a fail-safe strategy

When it comes to brand strategy, it’s easy to develop a good idea of where you’re heading with a few simple questions.

  • Who is my brand for?
  • What are my brand’s three key messages?
  • HOW am I going to communicate this message to my target audience?
  • WHERE am I going to communicate this message to my target audience?
  • WHEN am I going to communicate this message to my target audience?

These choices are so important when it comes to developing your brand, and they will ultimately lead to you establishing your position within the marketplace. This will, in turn, impact the emotional attachment and perception that your customers’ place on your brand, ruling how much (or little) you’ll be able to charge for your product or service.

Are you going to market yourself as a luxury tax accountants and only advertise through channels open to high-bracket income earners? Or are you an small-business and startup friendly family tax accounting firm, advertising on small town television and radio? The choice is absolutely yours. 

Naturally, I am going to recommend a digital approach and recommend you get your brand across social media and search no matter who your target it 🙂

2. Develop a consistent brand image

This is where an awesome graphic designer and some wicked ideas come in handy. Having an awesome brand paired with great visual messaging that matches with your brand’s product, service and ethos will make it easy for your customers to recognise your brand. Your logo speaks miles about your brand, so make sure you are absolutely happy with it before giving the designer the all-clear. It should represent your brand’s overall message, attitude and purpose, as well as being simple, attractive and eye-catching!

A good graphic designer will know how to make your brand shine in 2020 and beyond. Here’s a few examples of brands that are rebranded to incorporate a more modern brand look. See any trends here?

No alt text provided for this image
No alt text provided for this image

You can also be smarter with your brand image positioning and leverage other well known brands or styles in the market to accelerate your brand. You can incorporate styles of imagery that people are used to like the ones above, so your brand can seem naturally bigger than it really is by memory and association. Make sure you don’t copy the brand, but use elements as inspiration and blend this into your logo.

A good example is our brand at Firefly Digital. The F of our brand was inspired from the F at Facebook. It’s not a copy but it is a similar style, and helps people associate our brand to something bigger even if they haven’t heard of us before…

No alt text provided for this image
No alt text provided for this image

Here an example of Clickfunnels leveraging the well know “netflix” brand.

No alt text provided for this image
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3. Integrate your brand throughout your entire business

Now that you’ve developed some killer brand messaging (both oral, written and visual) you need to make sure that it’s consistent throughout everything that your business does. Every interaction between your business and a potential or current consumer, whether this be through someone checking your website, someone answering your phone, or someone receiving a follow-up email, needs to communicate what your brand is all about.

Is your brand friendly? Is it luxurious and formal? Or is it cheeky? Train all new staff to make sure they encompass this brand messaging whenever they can, especially in their face-to-face interactions with customers.

Also make sure that all business materials are stamped with your logo, as well as that personal touch that we all know develops brand loyalty like no other (such as a personalised signature from your CEO or a branded birthday card).

4. A brand is more than just a logo and brand guidelines.

A brand is made up of a bunch of things such as the values your business stands for, the culture of your business, your product and reputation in the market, perception of customers and more. Don’t just think a brand is visual, you need to work on your brand by focussing on doing great work and having an amazing product. This is what really makes a brand what it is.

There are so many easy and cost-effective ways to make sure your brand is on-point, engaging your customers and always leaving them wanting more. Kristal from One Little Seed, talks about saying ‘yes’ to a planned approach when it comes to brand. Developing a plan that aligns with the vision of the company is really important when creating a brand strategy. Nothing is left to chance, and with a clear plan you can execute on where you want to take your brand and business.

Of course, digital marketing and social media are absolutely vital to business success in any competitive market.

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