Instagram Marketing: The Next Social Media
Frontier for Businesses

Instagram Marketing: The Next Social Media <br> Frontier for Businesses

In case you haven’t heard yet, just last year Instagram finally launched it’s ad offering in New Zealand and already it’s making its mark on the users, and those paying to promote their posts (instagram marketing). But paid advertising shouldn’t be the only reason you, and your business jumps on the Insta-bandwagon.

Although many Kiwi brands have been slow to match their Instagram effort with their other social media endeavors, there are some understand the unique position it’s in to reach and influence potential consumers. Local brands such as Fitwear and Lewis Road Creamery are Kiwi businesses focusing the majority of their advertising and promotional efforts on their social media, including Instagram, to huge success. After taking a look at their Instagram accounts it’s not hard to see why they’re so popular – and it’s not just because of the posts they’re paying Instagram to promote.

By understanding the unique platform and how it’s audience uses it, these brands are cashing in big time. Instagram is recorded as having 7 times more engagement from users than Facebook and Twitter and that’s no small thing when you’re trying to raise brand awareness.

The distinctive app is perfect for businesses looking to make their brand appear more appealing to audiences, because Instagram marketing relies almost solely on visuals.

But it’s not always easy, and not everyone has it figured out the way the big guys do.

Before jumping head first into the Instagram deep end, make sure you do your research and think it through. Instagrams like those mentioned previously are perfect examples of how working hard to understand the platforms users, and sticking to a high quality theme, can draw in followers in the tens of thousands. It might seem high maintenance or even time consuming at first, but the pay off is worth it.

Morgan Mcgregor
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