May 2020 Google Update

May 2020 Google Update

May 2020 Google Update

On May 18th Google announced that they had finished rolling out the latest core algorithm update. Like many of Google’s previous algorithm changes, this one has stirred controversy and seems to have been met largely with negativity. Some users took to Twitter, describing the big change as “carnage” and “an absolute monster”. While the changes do seem to be large, we have yet to determine the full extent and effect these changes may have, although a few things have been noted:

Since the update, algorithm tracking sites have reported extremely high volatility in the search engine results pages (SERPs) over the past few weeks. While some volatility is not unusual after an update, it appears that health and fitness related sites have been negatively affected in search results, while social platforms are appearing more frequently. Additionally, large businesses such as Amazon, Ebay and Etsy seem to have experienced a boost, and even dominate several of the front page results for certain queries. While some people are certain that these changes are due to Google’s update, others have noted that drastic changes to people’s behaviour during the global lockdowns may also play a part in driving these changes. As search behaviour changes, Google’s algorithm adjusts itself to better match people’s preferences, so it is possible that this shift could be explained by changes to behaviour rather than the algorithm update.

Google’s objective has always been to reward relevant, authoritative content in the search results. It’s safe to say that having plenty of reliable, valuable content on your website is usually going to show positive impacts. Although Google isn’t likely to spill the beans on the specific factors that have been changed, some trends indicate that thin content is being particularly heavily punished this time around.

Google continues to maintain similar advice to all it’s previous updates: if you notice you’ve taken a hit, begin with a comprehensive site audit and gauge how well your website is performing overall. Then, focus on crafting good quality content. Like your readers, Google’s algorithm prefers well produced, comprehensive and original writing. It’s also an advantage to have your site well presented and optimised for use on mobile devices. Google may also compare content across different sites to assess which provides the most originality and value to the reader.

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