NZ Tourism Marketing Must Adapt After Covid

NZ Tourism Marketing Must Adapt After Covid

New Zealand Tourism After Covid

It’s time to shift the way we kiwis do tourism and hospitality due to the impacts of Covid-19 and our restrictions on our borders being closed. We are currently not seeking travellers from the world but from our backyard, and in order to reach our neighbours we need to change our approach. Tourism companies need to change their strategies to attract our NZ locals. Businesses should be communicating with these locals that have been forced to cancel their overseas holidays but are still craving that beautiful get away. 

We’re fortunate here in New Zealand, as we have a lot to offer and almost every terrain. From Queenstown’s snowy mountains to the Bay of Islands tropical escape. It could be a road trip to a distant part of New Zealand that you haven’t visited before, a weekend escape up the road, or even a day out to see a local landmark. Now is the time to support local and explore New Zealand. 

The tourism industry in New Zealand had an estimated worth of $41 billion dollars in 2019. But since then the world has changed. In less than three months due to Covid-19, our tourism industry has gone from the core of our booming economy, earning $112 million per day to virtually zero. And it’s time our tourism businesses make a change in order to survive and realign for our domestic market.

NZ Tourism Marketing Needs to Change

Some of our tourism businesses have taken advantage of the current situation and been the first out the gate. For example Dunedin launched it’s domestic campaign ‘Dunedin, a pretty good Plan D’ which is a great marketing plan to entice kiwis to travel and explore Dunedin. Enterprise Dunedin Director, John Christie, says, “We are conscious that Kiwis had to cancel their international travel plans this year and many would have been heading to ‘bucket list’ locations and activities overseas.  Dunedin may not have been their first choice, but it is ‘a pretty good Plan D’ and can offer alternatives that are comparable to those found in Europe, Asia, Australia and the US.” 

New Zealand tourism businesses now have the opportunity to make the most of the tourists they have in their own country, and with marketing campaigns that are able to drive this industry back into a successful sector of NZ again.  

Our tourism businesses need to re-evaluate their marketing strategies and start thinking local. The industry has been focusing on survival, and now it’s time to work towards how we can thrive again and what is required to get there. Focusing on more affordable opportunities and understanding what kiwi tourists will be seeking from their domestic travel experiences. By offering kiwis the opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime and allows an individual time and space to process and work through personal questions and issues that are challenging them, in this uncertain world we are now facing. And kiwi tourists will have the opportunity to spend locally and support jobs within the NZ local community. This will be critical not only for rebuilding the NZ economy, but also in showing the world a blueprint for sustainable tourism and transforming life to the new normal. And here is where hope lies.

There is hope in how New Zealand might lead the world in a new tourism and hospitality. Through innovation and creativity. 

It’s time for the tourism industry to look ahead and be proactive. We have an opportunity to rethink the entire way we approach tourism to ensure that it will make New Zealand a more sustainable place, enrich the lives of all our people and deliver a sector which is financially self-sustaining in the longer term. We need a game plan that is going to ensure the survival of our tourism and hospitality businesses over the coming months and years. And encouraging the loyalty of kiwis to travel local which will be an enormous part of that strategy. At Firefly we are a local NZ marketing agency, experts in helping local businesses with their digital marketing strategies. We offer a wide range of digital marketing services and we are here to help you! Get in contact with us today for a no obligations quote today and let’s launch your business into this new normal!

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