We Know ‘Content Is King’, But How Are You
Making It Work With Your Marketing Strategy?

It’s the phrase you’ve heard over and over again. It’s plastered across the walls of every marketing and PR agency. It’s following you as you scroll through Facebook. The phrase ‘content is king’ is no new concept, but why is it so important to invest in what your business is (or isn’t) saying? And how can you make sure it’s working with, and for, your marketing strategy?

In case you’ve missed the countless memos on what makes content king, here’s a brief rundown:

1. Producing quality content on your website and social media websites is important

2. Both Google and your social media accounts will be rewarded for creating quality content in the form of SEO

3. The content has to be quality though, as Google fact checks what you’re posting, and you’ll be penalized for creating incorrect content

4. Quality content discussing key topics in your field also helps you to be seen as an expert in your field, which helps new or potential customers have faith in your abilities

That’s essentially the SparkNotes on why content is king, but this isn’t enough to get your business out there. Creating quality content on your website and social accounts is useless unless you’re making sure you’re marketing it properly. Once you’ve written a fantastic piece that’s useful, relevant, and adding value to your clients, you’re wasting precious time by just leaving it sitting there.

If you’re putting the effort into writing valuable, quality content for your business, then you need to make sure you’re marketing it – properly. This starts with Facebook, and other social media accounts. Post your content across all of your business’s social platforms, as well as your e-newsletter (if you have one). Once you’ve done this, make sure it’s gaining the traction it deserves by paying to promote it across social media.

For a valuable piece, putting down $25 on Facebook boosting, and researching the key audiences you should be targeting, you can reach as many as 8k people. This is massive – especially for small businesses. If your content is relevant to your business, highlights the importance of your service, and how it can help others, then reaching 8,000 of the right people means 8,000 more people who will consider your business when looking for the service you provide.

This counts for both blog posts, and short form posts put up on your social media accounts. As long as the content is worthwhile, and self-generated by your business, not copied-and-pasted off someone else’s account.

If you’re having trouble coming up with, or consistently posting valuable content for your business, come and talk to us at Firefly and we can throw some ideas around, and give you pointers on how to target your specific key audiences and always remember, content is king.

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