What We Learned from Social Media 101, and What You Can Learn Too

What We Learned from Social Media 101, and What You Can Learn Too

For those who might have missed it, last week at Firefly we hosted our own FREE event: Social Media 101. A great seminar where we were able to impart our social media marketing wisdom upon a few fresh and eager minds. We were keen to run this event because at Firefly, we believe in the power of social media marketing to create brand awareness, loyalty, and even leads, but it’s an opportunity largely untapped by New Zealand’s small businesses.

The aim of Social Media 101 was to reach out to a small group of local businesspeople and entrepreneurs, and show them the very basics of how they can reap the rewards of taking just one hour each week to get their business out there on social media. It’s a tough subject to introduce sometimes, as it’s a new arena for many marketing tool kits, but sometimes all it takes is an open-minded conversation to get people excited about reaching new audiences and potential clients.

Lucky for us, we had a wonderful group of eager, open-minded people come to the event, who came armed with plenty of questions. And lucky for them, they had the expertise of our speaker and Firefly Marketing Director, Marko, to answer any queries they came equipped with.

Marko covered some interesting topics, such as a comprehensive break down of the top social media platforms, how to find and target your audience, and our top 4 recommendations for creating a strong social media strategy moving forward.

Now that’s what our attendees learned, but what did we learn? Well, we received some great feedback, and I think the biggest take home for us, was the demand for information, as well as the varying level of social media expertise of our attendees. We had intended for the seminar to delve really deep into the real beginner parts of social media, but we were surprised with the varying levels of knowledge from those attending.

This was great to know, and now we’re excited to look into more ways we can help the different levels of expertise out there of local small business owners. So from 101, you can expect some 102’s, 103’s, ad infinitum…

If you have a particular social media hurdle you’re trying to overcome, comment below, or email me, and we’ll see exactly how we can help you – no matter if you’re at level 101, or 1001. If you’d love to come to our next event, make sure you’ve booked your ticket on Eventbrite – there are only 20 spots, so get in quick! To book, just follow this link:


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