Negative Keywords

Negative Keywords

Recently there have been requests to explain how negative keywords work and concerns over competitors clicking on client Ad’s wasting valuable budget. Here are some tips to look out for and how the Firefly Team can help.

You could be wasting up to 30% of your total spend!

In a recent analysis of 1000’s of adwords accounts, at least half of advertisers wern’t using negative keywords. Without negative keywords, we estimate that you could be wasting up to 30% of your total online marketing budget.

Negative keywords are words selected to help filter out clicks and impressions you don’t want to show for. For example if you have a residential plumbing business but don’t do any commercial work, a recommended negative keyword to add would be “Commercial” to stop your Ad showing for “Commercial plumbing New Zealand”.

Negative keywords when used correctly can help:

1. Increase return on investment

2. Increase click through rate

3. Increase your campaigns quality score

4. Reduces wasted budget on irrelevant impressions and clicks

5. Increases relevancy of your campaign

6. Rules out standard searches like “Do it yourself” and searches without the intent to buy/purchase


Negative keywords are one of the many techniques we deploy to increase your return on investment. Here’s what else we look for when running a campaign.

Click Fraud can be costing you up to 20% of your total spend!

Are you a victim of click fraud? Statistics say you are. Click Fraud is happening every day devouring your campaign spend. Competitors, repeat visitors (obsessive comparison shopping), ex-employees & more are clicking ads every day and after a recent study, up to 20% of your total spend could be spent on these visits.

You have a right to know who is clicking your ads. Firefly can monitor your campaign and stop click fraud activity before it starts, allowing you to get more leads for every dollar spent using Google adwords.

Speak with one of our consultants in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch to see how we can run a highly profitable campaign.



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