Simpson Western are North Shore Lawyers. Whatever your legal issues or aspirations, you need someone who can expertly champion your best interests. With over 60 in their team,  they are a full-service firm offering a vast range of legal services to our individual and business clients. 

When Simpson Western reached out to firefly they were wanting an agency that swallowed their own medicine… after searching SEO COMPANY they found one of firefly’s micro-sites and enquired through. After realising they had come through to firefly agency, Simpsons Western’s GM was impressed and knew we were the right team for the job.


We were first tasked to look at a division of the legal firm that had a lot of capacity – divorce lawyers and relationship property. Simpson Western were not active in the digital marketing space, so we brought it back to basics and crafted a digital strategy that targeted our market across high intent searches across Google, Highly targeted facebook ads focussing on relationship status updates and a remarketing keeping the brand top of mind.


The results have been phenomenal, and as a result, Simpson Western relationship property division is busy, the campaign spend is paying for itself and is now a corner-stone of the division’s growth strategy.

We were initially sceptical on whether digital marketing would work for a law firm. We found Firefly by initially doing a “Google” search where Firefly came up first in the organic search. From that point on we have taken on board the advice from Firefly on SEO Marketing / optimisation, and social media strategies, such as, creating content for Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin that would be helpful to raise brand awareness for Simpson Western. This advice was coupled with assisting us with a marketing funnel, Google adwords and Facebook “remarketing” to help improve online lead generation. Overall, the impact over such a short period of time was improved lead generation, and we have been successful in converting these leads into clients. Firefly have been great in helping us build our digital presence

Adrian Yap

General Manager, Simpson Western

Firefly and the Simpson Western team look forward to our continuing partnership. We are looking at integrating across other areas of the business and will update our results on these soon.

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Our agile marketing approach allows us to select the best services from our arsenal of specialists.
We then package them and deliver a complete and custom solution to meet and exceed your requirements.

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