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Ever felt like you’ve been followed around on the internet? Remarketing with Image Adverts is a highly effective way to stay top of mind with potential customers. Remarketing is a cookie-based technology used by Google & Facebook. Simply put – JavaScript code is placed in the back-end of your website which drops an anonymous browser cookie onto every new visitor. This lets Google/Facebook know that they have recently visited your website and bids in real time for ad placements to place your business message back in front of them.


Remarketing is an effective way for advertisers to place carefully crafted image ads back in front of their target market. A way to say “remember me?” and bring them back for a second chance to convert. People who have visited their website, shown interest, and potentially left without purchasing. Remarketing is a very effective way of getting your traffic back for a second chance of converting especially for e-commerce websites. It works very well in conjunction with search (PPC) advertising. Help close your sales loop and seal your leaky online sales funnel.


Cookies are updated in real time when someone triggers one and we have full control over bidding so you can set your own budget. Creatives can be changed to represent new marketing promotions or initiatives for your brand. One visit is typically not enough for a conversion – 96% of people leave a website without converting. 70% abandon a shopping cart without purchasing and 49% typically visit 2-4 sites before purchasing. Remarketing allows you to stay top of mind with your customers so you can bring them back.


With remarketing, you segment your past visitors depending on user behaviour, specific pages they have viewed or different traffic sources which means you can target users with different marketing messages and visuals. You may want to drive aggressive remarketing banners to paid search that you have drive from Google AdWords, you may want to remarket in front of an client email database which you have built or you may want to remarket to a certain product page across Google and Facebook. A remarketing campaign can increase conversion rates, build brand trust, exposure and awareness, and increase your campaign return on investment.


We can handle everything to get your business up and running with remarketing. Firefly will build your remarketing campaign and lists, install tracking code into your website and test to ensure everything is working. Our creative team will create compelling display ads (image ads) which are used to bid in real time across millions of different websites we have access to get you the best result that helps grow your business.

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