Proven Results

Our SEO results are proven to drive positions, traffic and sales.

White Label SEO Reports

Our reports are white labelled with your brand, showcasing the great results we are getting for your customers.

We Make Your Customers More $

A low-risk investment that can yield a high return for your customers, while making you money.


We provide white label SEO services that generate serious results for your customers. Outsourcing your SEO to us gives you a competitive advantage as you can leverage our award-winning team, but present the work as your own. How does it work? Well you become a SEO reseller of Firefly, we provide the SEO services and white labelled reporting, you send it to your client and show them the great results your getting. We provide regular meetings from our agency to your customer, so you are across the work we are doing and can relay this back to your customer. We are working in the background to make you look awesome, while generating strong results.


You have the client relationships and we have the deep SEO expertise and proven battle tested strategies. A great partnership for companies that don’t have the SEO resource, knowledge or don’t want to invest in a full SEO team and risk mediocre results. If you are a company or agency that provides a complimentary service, not only can our SEO results help your customers make more money but they can also help you create a longer term working relationship with the client.

Firefly offer competitive rates, where you can also apply your own margins on top so you are highly profitable.

All you need to do is sell our service, and manage the client relationship. We will do all the work in the background.

The process is simple, we have sales collateral you can use to attract and win more clients.

Case Study
Max Contracts needed an SEO company and approached Firefly with a need to increase lead generation across the recruitment agency. After trying several traditional means of marketing, they were interested in giving digital marketing a try. Over 8 months working together, Firefly was able to significantly increase the leads generated through to the website by carrying out SEO (Search engine optimisation).
  • 250%Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 25+Page One Positions
  • 84%Increase in Conversions

Case Study
Eden Physio saw significant growth through Google ads and wanted to build a more long-term strategy and focus on organic traffic and conversions. Firefly utilised the top performing keywords that drove leads into their SEO campaign and the results were impressive.
  • 80%Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 10+Page One Positions
  • 132%Increase in Conversions

Types Of Partners We Work With:

Web Agencies

Print Shops

B2B Companies

Business Advisors

Digital Marketing Agencies


Marketing Agencies

Social Media Companies


To conduct great SEO, you need a combination of expertise. Typically you would need a SEO specialist who can undertake technical SEO, You may need a developer for any CMS changes, you need a copywriter for great content. According to pay scale, an SEO manager in New Zealand can cost $45k – $102k and that’s only one staff member. Our SEO clients at Firefly typically have at least 3-4 different specialists working together to undertake the full SEO campaign. The FTE equivalent is considerably more, with one SEO specialist, an SEO manager and a copywriter you are looking at close to $250,000 per annum, not to mention the investment required in tools, servers and other subscriptions required. To be profitable you need a lot of business, and still there is no guarantee that the work you do will be great. That’s why working with an agency with a proven track-record makes a lot of sense for many that work with us.




With recent algorithm updates, SEO is getting harder and harder by the day. Long-gone are the days where you could simply add some keywords to a page, point some links to the website and see it rank. This means SEO agencies that have cut corners and haven’t invested in themselves are slowly fading away, but great SEO companies like Firefly have to invest quality time and talent to achieve results. SEO has certainly focussed more on quality and authentic content. According to Search engine land, longer content (1,000+ words) tends to help websites show up in search results. Forbes indicates that an average of 600-700 words per page is optimal for SEO. Google loves content with information, facts, and references to established authority sites. There are over 200 known ranking signals that all impact the position of a website on Google, which means you need a team that is committed to staying at the forefront of this search behaviour.



There are a number of reasons why companies partner with Firefly for SEO. Our SEO white label service is for companies that know providing great SEO will benefit their clients, yet the risk to provide poor SEO services is too high. Some companies don’t have the time to go through the process of hiring, building and managing an internal SEO team, others are great at sales and want an awesome product to tap into. The SEO landscape has changed drastically over the years, making it harder for companies to optimise a website with a focus on quality content. This means the barrier to entry is harder and working with a reputable company like Firefly, having optimised 100’s of websites over the years is important. If you are a website company, IT company, digital marketing agency, business advisor or are in the B2B space and have a group of clients that would benefit from SEO, we want to talk.


We have a smooth onboarding process to get you started and working with us. The first step is booking your free meeting with our team where we will find out if we are a good fit together. After that, we’ve created an onboarding pack giving you everything you need to get started and selling SEO including, white labelled SEO contracts, SEO info pack, Our SEO price guide. On top of this, we also invite you into our SEO slack channel where you have real-time access to our staff that are there to give you the information you need to win more business. Our Firefly partner programme is also designed to reward you with higher discounts and you can earn great prizes when you win more business.

Smooth Onboarding 

We assign a dedicated account manager, and help with new customers and support.

Local Writers 

We use writers in New Zealand and Australia, so our SEO content is localised.

15+ Team

With over 15 team members based in NZ and Australia, our local team know how to make SEO work.

The Best Tools

We spend thousands of dollars per month on the best SEO tools in the market so you don’t have to.



Our reports are 100% white labeled, with your logo and custom commentary every month.

Monthly Meetings

We hold monthly meetings, sharing all campaign results, thoughts and the plan.

Strictly Confidential

We can work behind the scenes, or in collaboration with you. The choice is yours.

Recurring Revenue

Create a healthy recurring revenue stream and create “stickier” client relationships.

Healthy Profit

We give you a hefty discount, you then apply a margin on top, generating a healthy profit.

Whitehat Only

We only use whitehat SEO practises to ensure our results stand the test of time and get results.

Earn Prizes

With our SEO partner programme, earn prizes, increase your discount and get invited to exclusive training sessions and networking events.

Sales Tool-kit

We’ve created a sales ready tool-kit including white-label contracts and collateral you can use to get selling quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose a New Zealand SEO Reseller?
Choosing to partner with our SEO company means you can provide excellent search engine optimisation to your customers without the headache of managing staff, systems and processes, client work and investing significantly in the infrastructure required to perform at a high level. Over the years, we have streamlined and perfected our local SEO services and big scale SEO plans for large companies. In fact we’ve worked with over 700 companies, helping some of the top brands across New Zealand generate results online. Whether you have small local clients, or large multi national and international clients, we can help them win while helping you remain profitable.
How much do I charge for SEO?
We provide a SEO pricing guideline document and also invite you directly into our slack channel. If the industry is not on the price guideline doc, simply message our SEO team with the URL and goals and we will give you a price range and keyword information so you can progress your sales conversation.
What if I am not technical?
No problem, our team will meet with you monthly and take you through the report results with custom commentary so you can present this to your client. We keep things simple, and focus on business outcomes which is very translatable.
What is your minimum term?
The minimum term we provide is 6 months, however we highly recommend selling 12 month SEO campaigns.
How does your SEO reseller programme work?
Most SEO resellers will sell SEO and manage the relationship and we do the SEO work behind the scenes, however you can decide whether they you Firefly to be working in the background, or if you want us partnering and dealing direct with the customer alongside you. You maintain the billing relationship with the customer, and pay us directly for our SEO services to the client. We provide competitive rates which allow you to add a healthy margin. It’s simple and effective.
What do I need to get from the customer to start?
We send an onboarding document which requires Firefly to access the website CMS, Google analytics, Google search console and we also ask for information from you including focus for the campaign, what makes their business special and their top 3 competitors.
How often do I see reports?
We send whitelabel reports monthly which include a deep analysis of the website analytics, custom commentary from our SEO team, keyword positions, traffic and conversion data and lots more. We can customise the reports to your needs.
How do I join your SEO partner programme?
By reselling Firefly SEO services, you automatically join our partner programme. This gives you access to market and share our partner badge, access to higher discounts when you achieve higher tiers, perks, prizes and events.

How can we help?



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Sydney Office:
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