Case Study
Max Contracts needed an SEO company and approached Firefly with a need to increase lead generation across the recruitment agency. After trying several traditional means of marketing, they were interested in giving digital marketing a try. Over 8 months working together, Firefly was able to significantly increase the leads generated through to the website by carrying out SEO (Search engine optimisation).
  • 250%Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 25+Page One Positions
  • 84%Increase in Conversions

Case Study
Eden Physio saw significant growth through Google ads and wanted to build a more long-term strategy and focus on organic traffic and conversions. Firefly utilised the top performing keywords that drove leads into their SEO campaign and the results were impressive.
  • 80%Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 10+Page One Positions
  • 132%Increase in Conversions
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