No job is too small or too big. We can create platform specific video content that meet your business objectives and fit into your budget. We have the team, we have the strategy and we have the gear, all you need to do is turn up. We can source actors, sets and locations, and create video content anywhere in the world through exclusive access to our partners video platform. We also have an internal creative team and video specialist that can float into your business and get to work. Check out one of the videos we did for Anytime Fitness New Zealand on a relatively small budget.


Does a tree falling over in the forest still make a sound if nobody is there to hear it? What’s the point in creating something great, that nobody ever sees? Your message doesn’t need to be heard by everyone, just your potential customers, so you need to understand where the attention of your audience lives. If you know your target demographic is across Facebook and LinkedIn, then create video content that works natively on those platforms. Social media ads are a highly cost effective way to target demographics down to location, age, and gender and video content is rewarded on their algorithms. We can create specific video content for all different platforms including Facebook, Instagram & Instagram story 15 secs, Youtube, Embedded website etc.


There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re being sold to, people can smell it a mile away. Instead, tell a story. This is a more natural way of getting your message across as it invites the viewer to relate and be entertained. Storytelling allows you to take someone on a journey, provide context and get complete buy in. When people go to social media platforms, they are looking to be social and share ideas – a native context for story telling video.


Authenticity is the most important video marketing concept. If you are truly honest and transparent with your audience they will buy in. The most powerful brands in the world have perfected this, trust in the brand means trust in the product. Create video content that shows your audience that the business or product is human, it is relatable, it is believable. This is especially effective when documenting because everything behind the scenes is naturally candid. Be real with your audience and they’ll not only trust the brand, they’ll buy into it.

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