Multi Channel Digital Marketing

Multi Channel Digital Marketing

Long gone are the days where you can solely rely on one digital marketing channel to grow your business. Your marketing strategy needs to match the customer journey and platforms they spend their time and attention on.

That’s why at Firefly, we are completely channel agnostic and recommend a multi channel approach. By aligning your marketing strategies across channels and having them work together, our customers are able to see compounding results. We look at search as a way to bring in hot, wallet out traffic, we analyse which social media channels can also drive awareness, trust and consideration and we ensure the user experience on the landing page is dialed in with a clear offer to generate as many leads as possible.

Have a read of the below story which demonstrates the power of multi channel marketing.


After selling all of their furniture in New Zealand and staying in a hotel for the last week before they jet across the ditch, he Googles ‘best mattress Sydney’ on his laptop. He finds a few options but one, in particular, catches his eye – ‘Ecosa’. Stated to be the best mattress ever or your money back. He clicks on the Google ad link and reads all about the Ecosas bed in a box, flippable mattress which gives you two levels of firmness and prompts same day delivery (which certainly ticks the ‘convenience’ box).

He’s prompted to enter his email in a popup to get ‘$200 off his first purchase’, which he enters before closing his laptop and heading to bed sleeping on his decision.

The next day, because he’s thinking about buying a bed within the next week, he starts seeing ads pop up everywhere. He’s noticed an ad for ‘KOALA’ mattresses that he’s recognised before on his Facebook newsfeed. He stops scrolling and plays the video campaign, watching a young guy jumping on a bed mattress with a red wine glass on it, not tipping over – promoting zero disturbance. He quickly checks out the KOALA website, which seems to be very similar to Ecosa. He’s got two options now, however, he’s racing to his first meeting and pops his phone away.

On the way to the gym that weekend, four days before the flight, he sees a billboard in Parnell, Auckland for a ‘Sleepyhead’ mattress, which reminds him he’s only got a few days to make a decision (before they arrive at their new home and are sleeping on the floor).

He remembers seeing a few emails come through on his phone over the past couple of days from Ecosa, so he goes into Gmail and checks his messages. The discount has been increased to $250 for 24 hours only, and not only that, but he’s been followed around with Ecosa ads over the past couple of days on Instagram, showing how simple it is to unbox the bed and setup. Now convinced, he clicks on the ad and makes one final check, heading to the reviews section where he sees over 10 thousand five star reviews for the product. He heads to the checkout and enters his unique code, saves $250 off his new mattress and selects the shipping date for the same day they arrive in Sydney.

Just before he completes his purchase, he’s prompted to add bamboo pillows. “Here’s what a lot of our customers add to this purchase”, for a special price of $149 down from $199. He thinks, “what the heck, what’s the price of a good night’s sleep?” He purchases his bed and pillows to match, and gets back to his workout.

This was the journey I personally went through a few years ago when looking for a mattress to purchase before moving across to Sydney. Each channel had an impact on my buying behaviour, and without an agile approach to digital marketing, Ecosa could have very easily lost my business to a competitor.


To get me across the line, I required not only multiple touch points but social proof and convenience that matched my problems and persona. This is an example of a modern-day business using a combination of data, marketing strategy and channels to maximise their marketing giving them the best chance of making a sale.

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