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Do you want your brand on the most popular social media platform in front of a highly targeted audience list? With Facebook’s targeted advertising, we’ll get you in front of your ideal customer and get your ideal customer through your doors. We build our campaigns from scratch, fully tailoring the campaign to your individual business and growth goals across Facebook. We have some of the top Facebook marketers in New Zealand working right here in our agency. Having spent over $10,000,000 worth of advertising across our publishers, we know a thing or two when it comes to generating leads and sales from paid ads. We talk the talk and walk the walk with our clients.


Firefly is a Facebook advertising agency in New Zealand that helps businesses of all shapes and sizes get in their product or services in front of the right people. Reach 3.5 million New Zealanders & 17 million Australians to generate laser-targeted leads and sales… And Give Your Business An Edge. Few social media platforms offer businesses with as much flexibility and as many targeting tools as Facebook. Not only does Facebook place millions of people within your reach instantly, but it also allows you to zero in on your ideal prospects for optimum results. We’ll cut through the noise and deliver tangible and outstanding results from our Facebook strategy, campaigns and delivery.


Let us find your customers, we know where they are and how to target them. Once we’ve found them we’ll keep them engaged and inspire them to take action. With Facebook advertising NZ we are able to get you in front of any demographics or interests and place highly targeted ads in front of highly targeted people who we think may be your next customer. We track lead and sale conversions and optimise the ad campaign daily to get the right people to click. Let our team run an effective Facebook and Instagram ad campaign for your business that targets prospects based on; age, gender, geo location, interests, what posts and pages they have “liked”, financial data and more. We have access to some of the most advanced data sets in New Zealand compared having a strong relationship with Facebook. With this level of data at our fingertips, a strategic approach from some of the best practitioners in the world, we can craft campaigns for whatever goal you have in your business.


We’ve tested and spent millions of dollars for our clients collectively including running campaigns to share our great work here at Firefly. We truly practice what we preach and love testing new and exciting campaigns. We’ve also sourced third partner algorithms that can control ad bid, On average these bidding algorithms increases results by 43%. This technology is now bolstered onto some of our client’s campaigns and the impact has been serious. More clicks, actions and leads from the same budget is achieved while budget wastage is minimised across low performing ads. Don’t let other companies use your budget to test new technology and techniques, and train their juniors with your budget. We’ve perfected our campaigns and are ready to help accelerate your business growth.


Follow people around who have been and left your website with a targeted Facebook ad on the Facebook platform. From image ads, text and video, we can help close your leaky sales funnel and bring visitors back to your website to take action with a unique offer. Facebook retargeting is a highly effective way to have multiple touch points with your pipeline, keeping your brand top of mind through the buying decision process. Highly effective and very affordable, Facebook retargeting (also known as remarketing) through a tracking pixel should be part of your digital marketing strategy. Chances are you will be remarketed to after leaving our website.


Looking to share a photo, major event or story? Are you just looking for more leads? Perhaps you want to drive those cart purchases up on your ecommerce store. With Facebook we can drive more phone calls, create a unique offer with a coupon code that can be redeemed on your website, Help people find your business with a paid campaign driving people to Google maps directions to your brick and mortar store… Facebook has many options that can help any business in any industry be seen and be found.. so why invest in Facebook Ads?

– 3.5 million New Zealanders and 17 million Australian Active users (monthly)
– Spending an average 1.7 hours every day
– A highly underpriced medium compared to other channels
– Instant traffic and results from our ad targeting
– Build sales and brand simultaneously with multimedia (video, image, text)
– Small window of opportunity – as more people adopt it the cost will rise

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Auckland Office: 09 390 1421
Sydney Office: 02 8083 9518
Auckland Office:
BizDojo, Level 3, Partners Life House 33-45 Hurstmere Rd,
Takapuna, 0622, Auckland, New Zealand
Sydney Office:
WeWork, 333 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia
[email protected]

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