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Are you prepared for unprecedented profits? Good. Because Google Shopping represents a massive profit-turning opportunity for online retailers, with the most relevant products appearing as display ads at the top of Google’s search results. It doesn’t get any more front of mind than that. With our deep knowledge of Google’s tools and targeting capabilities, your products will be up in lights.


Sell more of your most important products. We’ll make sure your showcase products, special offers and promotions are managed from start to finish. From product submission to ad creation, through to the bidding process, detailed reporting and ongoing performance tweaks – you’re covered and primed to succeed.


Your product’s image, it’s ratings and more, right at the top of Google’s search result page. Can you see it? Can you visualise the “cha-ching” of that digital cash register going off? Good, because it’s all possible with a top-notch Google Shopping campaign. We’ll show you how to master Google’s Merchant Centre and maximise your reach by uploading your inventory to Google’s massively popular Shopping site. A convenience-loving audience will be able to find the exact product they’re looking for in a single click.


You’ll enjoy maximum exposure thanks to our Google gurus who know how to harness the full potential of Google’s Shopping network. We draw on our understanding of the customer journey to create expertly optimised Shopping campaigns. Extensive keyword and market research lets us strategically manage your bids and shopping feeds. We work with you to craft creative ads that shoppers can’t help but click. Let the shopping begin.


Your Google Shopping feed lays the foundation for the success of your entire campaign. We’re not interested in just covering the basics of your feed. We’re playing hard ball and are all about optimising your feed to the highest possible level. We’re doing that with a tried-and-tested approach and a detailed analysis to plan your unique strategy.


Bidding is the juicy centre of Google Shopping. It’s the powerhouse that decides which queries you show up for and how profitable your campaign is going to be. That’s why we never recommend taking a wild guess. Call on the experts at Impress!ve to make the most out of every opportunity. With our experience, we use scientific methods to get you the optimal bid. We’ll have your products appearing for the right search queries and your ads working harder to generate those Impress!ve profits and return.


Firefly is proud to offer one of the most transparent campaigns in New Zealand. We have you put your company credit card directly into your Google AdWords account to ensure you are in control of your spend all data on it. Our management fees are clear and not muddied, We have exclusive call tracking and install advanced analytics and conversion tracking on every campaign we build. We can also includes things like heat mapping on your website recording victors in real-time analysing visitor behaviour and performance. Our campaigns will track and record phone call leads, conversions through the way of emails, web forms, newsletter sign-ups, online purchases through an e-commerce store, and any other key data you want to track on your website. We can almost track anything.

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0800 448 971
Auckland Office: 09 390 1421
Sydney Office: 02 8083 9518
Auckland Office:
BizDojo, Level 3, Partners Life House 33-45 Hurstmere Rd,
Takapuna, 0622, Auckland, New Zealand
Sydney Office:
WeWork, 333 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia
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