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Our SEO services are purely focussed on driving website traffic and more importantly, conversions.

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A low-risk investment that can yield a high return.


We specialise in getting your online shopping website more orders through SEO e-commerce and customer buying journey strategies. SEO for e-commerce allows your website to be visible for product searches you want to show for on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Being visible for keyword searches means your website can truly be leveraged and start working for you. Potential customers are searching on the internet for your products so let’s put your business in amongst the top searches so you can be visible, be seen and be found, and make your website work for you and not the other way around.


Being present on Google on the top page, or top search result means you can now start generating traffic to your website. 30% of all traffic will click on the top organic position through the result of implementing e-commerce SEO services. We will spend the time to understand your business from top to toe and identify which product opportunities are the best ones, to begin with. We look at things such as the demand on Google (number of key searches per month) which we have data on, the level of competition with your competitors to identify how hard we need to work to get you there, and we also make sure we are getting your business visible for general and high purchase intent keywords including such words as “purchase”, “buy”, “order” etc. Their searches are generally not research-based searches as there is an implied need for the product immediately in the search. We will collect all keywords relevant to the campaign in the keyword research and analysis session and then get to work.


You need an e-commerce SEO company to follow Google’s best practises. Don’t risk online cowboys that cut corners and don’t follow these. This can be incredibly dangerous to your website, and future traffic if you receive a penalty from Google. Rest-assured Firefly only follows best practices and create engaging content to ensure we get your website ranking long-term. Content is about creating new blogs and content opportunities, ranking these for hyper targeted search terms, and also refreshing old content that might be on your site. Just like Wikipedia users update the submission constantly to improve the user experience, Google loves to see your website grow and evolve. There are no quick fixes for long-term success, and our campaigns have never been effected by a Google penalty before.


We’ll make sure your website is optimised not only for desktop but mobile too. With the rise of mobile searches over taking desktop searches now by a long-shot, mobile optimisation is not only important but is Google’s key ranking consideration. Google will now judge your overall SEO and ranking score, based on how your mobile website performs and is structured. Ensuring page load speed is under 3 seconds, visibility and functionality is built around mobile experiences and content are easy to read and understand, content is carefully crafted to be easily digestible and easy to read. We will ensure your mobile website experience is world-class and attracts new customers to your website. We use tools such as to identify where you are currently at on this journey, and get our SEO technicians to audit your site.


Our SEO campaigns will come with full integration into Google analytics, goal tracking and conversion tracking. Traffic is nice, but revenue and profit is better. This means we will be able to report on know how many sales the SEO campaign has delivered, how many emails and conversion the campaign has brought in, and we can track this performance down to a ROI. Monthly reports are generated, you have real-time access to our smart reporting tools and you’ll have a dedicated account manager to take you on the journey to success.


Some agencies focus on one part of SEO such as content writing or the other such as technical SEO and website specifications. Some will purely create strategies to drive more shareable content that drives backlinks to your website… We offer the full solution. Creating backlinks to your website from reputable and relevant websites is vital to compete on Google and we access to thousands and thousands of reputable websites that we have worked with before. This means we’re not using your monthly budget to “test” or “practice” but rather can get results faster as we have a proven and tried system that works.


We can create SEO targeted campaigns that focus anywhere in the world including local searches in New Zealand, Australia or globally. Global SEO usually requires a custom quote as the level of competition is higher and the work required to rank you is more intensive. We’ve ranked websites globally competing against international companies in America, UK and more. Generally, we will do a full audit to see where the opportunities lie, which geographical areas are more profitable for you currently and what the level of competition looks like. We can help you create new websites and domains to target multiple local countries.

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